Why You Need A Tiny Home

The housing market is intimidating and frustrating and annoying and many more negative adjectives than I can think of at the moment. The rental situation is not always better. At least not in our booming real estate area, the average home in the Nashville, TN area is $425,012 according to Zillow. The average tiny home, however, is $52,000. If you are at all like us, you have considered getting one of these pint-sized abodes. You can even get everything you need off of Amazon.

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Amazon Must Haves

Amazon is a major online player in most markets. It is convenient to be able to shop for toilet paper, a socket wrench, and a new home all in the same place. They’ve even jumped onto the conveniently-sized casa trend and offer a variety of related products including prefabricated tiny homes, DIY kits, and various accessories.

Product Variety:

There are a wide variety of tiny homes available on Amazon. Their platform is designed to facilitate a range of sellers and goods. This level of diversity in product selection caters to different preferences and budgets. Whether you want one already assembled or if you want to build it yourself, Amazon has you covered.

Ease of Access:

Technology is not always our friend. Sometimes it is complicated and hard to understand and even harder to navigate. Amazon’s user-friendly interface and widespread accessibility make it easy for consumers to explore and purchase tiny home products from the comfort of their homes.

DIY Tiny Home Kits:

There is something about building things with your own two hands. Think of your ancestors who surely built their own home if you go back far enough. Channel your ancestors and your inner carpenter by making your house with a DIY kit. These kits have everything you need: all the necessary materials and instructions. Just make sure you read those instructions.

Reviews and Ratings:

Amazon’s review system allows potential buyers to read about the experiences of others who have purchased tiny homes or related products. This way you can have confidence in your purchasing decisions and have trust in the products offered.


Like we mentioned, the tiny home trend is often associated with a desire for more affordable living options. With a wider variety of sellers and manufacturers, Amazon’s platform allows for price comparisons and finding products that fit different budget constraints.

Sustainability Focus:

Tiny homes are not just an affordable option; they are a sustainable option as well. By choosing to go with a smaller home, you are reducing your carbon footprint. If this is your priority with a tiny home, keep an eye out for those products that emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable features.

What About You?

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